Aims and Objectives

Aim and Scope of the Journal of Management & Social Science


The Journal of Management & Social Science (JMSS) aims to provide a platform for academics, researchers, and practitioners to disseminate original, high-quality research in the fields of management and social sciences. JMSS seeks to contribute to the development of theoretical and practical knowledge, fostering an understanding of the complex interplay between management practices and social dynamics. The journal is dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary approaches and innovative methodologies that enhance the comprehension of organizational, societal, and economic phenomena.


JMSS publishes research articles, reviews, case studies, and theoretical papers covering a broad range of topics within management and social sciences. The journal welcomes contributions that address, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Management Studies:

    • Strategic Management
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Human Resource Management
    • Leadership and Ethics
    • Operations and Supply Chain Management
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    • Marketing Management
    • Financial Management
    • Corporate Governance
  2. Social Sciences:

    • Sociology
    • Psychology
    • Economics
    • Political Science
    • Anthropology
    • Education
    • Social Policy
    • Gender Studies
    • Environmental Studies
  3. Interdisciplinary Research:

    • The intersection of technology and society
    • Social impact of business practices
    • Corporate social responsibility and sustainability
    • Socio-economic development
    • Cultural studies in organizational contexts

Key Features:

  • Peer-Reviewed Content: All submissions undergo a rigorous double-blind peer review process to ensure the quality and integrity of the research published.
  • Global Perspective: JMSS encourages contributions from diverse geographical and cultural contexts to provide a comprehensive understanding of global management and social science issues.
  • Practical Implications: The journal emphasizes the practical relevance of research findings, encouraging papers that provide actionable insights for practitioners and policymakers.
  • Innovation and Methodology: JMSS is open to novel research methodologies and approaches that push the boundaries of traditional management and social science research.

Target Audience:

JMSS is intended for a wide audience including academics, researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and students who are interested in the latest developments in management and social sciences. The journal aims to serve as a valuable resource for those seeking to stay informed about cutting-edge research and its applications in real-world scenarios.

By publishing high-quality research and fostering intellectual exchange, the Journal of Management & Social Science aspires to advance knowledge and practice in the interconnected realms of management and social sciences.