Archiving Policy

Archiving Policy for Journal of Management & Social Science

1. Introduction

The Journal of Management & Social Science (JMSS) is committed to the long-term preservation and accessibility of its published content. This policy outlines the procedures and practices JMSS employs to ensure the continued availability of scholarly research for readers and researchers in the years to come.

2. Archiving Mechanisms

JMSS utilizes multiple archiving solutions to ensure redundancy and reliability:

  • Institutional Repository: JMSS maintains its own institutional repository where all published articles are permanently stored in a secure and accessible format.
  • LOCKSS: JMSS participates in the LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) network, which distributes copies of the journal to libraries and other institutions around the world. This creates a decentralized archive that ensures content remains accessible even if the primary server is unavailable.
  • Portico: JMSS utilizes the Portico digital preservation service, which provides long-term archiving and disaster recovery services for scholarly journals. Portico ensures the journal's content remains accessible even in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

3. Author Archiving Rights

JMSS recognizes the importance of author self-archiving and encourages authors to deposit their published articles in institutional repositories or on personal websites. Authors may upload their final published versions (post-print) with the following embargo periods:

  • Open Access Articles: Immediate self-archiving is permitted.
  • Subscription Articles: Self-archiving is permitted after a 12-month embargo period following publication.

4. Access and Availability

JMSS strives to ensure that all archived content is readily accessible to readers and researchers. The journal's website provides permanent links to all published articles in the institutional repository. Additionally, JMSS actively promotes its archived content through indexing services and other scholarly platforms.

5. Review and Updates

JMSS regularly reviews and updates its archiving policy to ensure it remains aligned with best practices and evolving technological standards. The latest version of the policy will always be available on the journal's website.