The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Effective Management Practices


  • Dr. Mahjabeen Lahore School of Economics


Social Awareness, Self-Awareness, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Employee Engagement, Decision-Making, Interpersonal Skills, Emotional Regulation, Workplace Relationships, Team Dynamics, Managerial Competencies, Organizational Effectiveness, Leadership, Management Practices, Emotional Intelligence


This scholarly article explores the pivotal role of emotional intelligence (EI) in fostering effective management practices within contemporary organizational settings. Drawing upon a synthesis of empirical research, theoretical frameworks, and practical insights, the paper delves into the multifaceted dimensions of emotional intelligence and its impact on managerial competencies, team dynamics, and overall organizational success. By examining the intersection of emotional intelligence and key management functions, this article contributes to a nuanced understanding of how emotional intelligence serves as a critical catalyst for effective leadership and organizational performance.