Social Impact Assessment in Corporate Decision-Making


  • Dr. Kamran Cheema Education University of Okara


Social Consequences, Business Ethics, Impact Measurement, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethical Decision-Making, Responsible Business Practices, Stakeholder Engagement, Sustainability, Corporate Decision-Making, Social Impact Assessment


This scholarly article explores the evolving landscape of corporate decision-making through the lens of Social Impact Assessment (SIA). As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of their societal footprint, SIA emerges as a crucial tool for evaluating the broader implications of corporate actions. The article delves into the methodologies, challenges, and benefits of integrating SIA into decision-making processes. By examining real-world cases, it sheds light on the nuanced interplay between corporate strategies and their social consequences. The findings highlight the potential of SIA to foster sustainable practices, enhance stakeholder engagement, and ultimately contribute to a more responsible and socially conscious business environment.